Winter Boot Trends

Winter Boot Trends

Winter Boot Trends

Winter means boots for the whole family. As you brave the elements, make sure your family steps out in safety and in style. Save the stilettos for warmer days to make sure you stay on your feet on the snow and ice. Winter boots need to keep your tootsies warm and dry, and keep an eye on sensible fashion trends as you bundle your feet.

Technological Improvements

Winter boot manufacturers are hot on the trail of drier and warmer feet for you and your family. The latest boots have better waterproof technology, more breathability and more effective traction to prevent slips and slides in the slush. You will also enjoy more flexible boots and more comfortable cushioning. Forget about those huge clunkers, too. Recent winter boot trends have a focus on a slimmer silhouette.

Go to Great Lengths

Winter boot trends go up and down the leg for a variety of options. Try a long and lean look with over-the-knee boots for a style that will keep your legs toasty in chilly winter temperatures. Standard knee-length boots are still the rage for a slightly more traditional style. Opt for a midlength that hits midcalf for a sassy style that rocks with a skirt. Don’t forget ankle boots or booties as you’re rounding out your boot wardrobe – these babies put the finishing touch on almost any outfit from skirts to dresses to slacks to skinny jeans.

Glitzy and Bright

Earth-tone colors are still a strong boot trend, but there are newer options on the scene, too. Get out your shades because many boots are sporting some funky bright colors to liven up your winter wardrobe. Think a bright, bold red for starters. Yellow or purple boots are not out of the question, either, for the fashion conscious kid or adult. If you prefer glitz and glam, sequins, rhinestones and sparkles are making it big in winter boot trends. These boots make your feet feel as hot as they look when you’re out playing in the snow with the kids.

Textures and Trims

Step aside leather and suede, there are some hot textures in boots that demand center stage. Perhaps a fuzzy, warm tweed in mixed grays or browns would work for you. Boots with crochet overlays can also add some sophisticated edge to your wardrobe.

Buckles and Zippers

Buckles are a natural accessory for boots, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Buckles might sit at the top, at the ankle or all along the boot. Zippers are clunkier than ever, and they have become a trendy boot feature. Some boots lace up the front or up the side for a stylish statement.

Men and Kids

Men’s boots may not have ramped up the edginess with the same colors as women’s footwear, but they do sport some bold buckles, unusual zippers, warm trim and stylish textures. Rugged lace-up boots continue to dominate men’s boot styles, but new textures help reinvent this style into something new and invigorating. If you’re shopping for kids’ boots, you’re in for a treat. Many shoe manufacturers are creating miniature versions of adult boot styles for the youngsters. Choose from boots in a variety of lengths and colors with funky accessories.