Tips For Wearing Peep Toes in the Winter

Tips For Wearing Peep Toes in the Winter

Tips For Wearing Peep Toes in the Winter

There’s no rule about not wearing peep toes in the winter, but you might worry about those toes of yours getting chilly, or — gasp! — the toe seam in your pantyhose showing through. Brands like Carlos Santana and Fergalicious by Fergie even make open-toe boots, so it’s like they’re begging you to show off your pedicure in the winter. These shoes are too sassy and chic to become obsolete when it’s cold outside and make it worth finding simple ways to incorporate peep toes in your wardrobe all year long.

Which Hosiery Works

Tights and knee-high socks are staple fashion pieces in the winter, and they are ideal tools for keeping your legs and toes warm in open-toe shoes. Style Bakery suggests opting for opaque tights — match fun and funky colored tights with dark shoes to go modern or dark, neutral tights with colored shoes for a classic look. Nearly every woman has a pair of black tights in her dresser, but be bold and try heather gray or maroon tights with peep-toes in neutrals like tan or beige. Peep toe boots — but not sandals or flip flops — look chic paired with knee-high socks, and leggings are always an option for any peep toe style.

Seam Line Savvy

You might think it’s a fashion faux pas to let the toe seam of your socks or tights show through your peep toes, but there are ways around this kind of exposure. You can typically pull the fabric of your tights such that the toe seam sits just underneath or above your toes so you don’t see the line through your peep toes. Dark-colored opaque tights are the best when it comes to this issue because it is much harder to see the seam line in the first place. You can even cut off the toe of your nude pantyhose to let your toes poke through. Your shoe can keep the edge of the hose in place, or you can use fashion tape to secure the edge.

Carry and Switch

If you live in a particularly cold or rainy area, wearing peep toes is not always practical. But if you’re headed to an event, and your peep toes go perfectly with your fabulous dress, just carry your shoes with you. Wear other shoes you can easily slide off and trade for your peep toes. Carry a handbag large enough to accommodate the shoe switch or put on your peep toes in the car and brave the walk from your car to the event.

Keeping It Casual

Peep toes have an uncanny ability to dress up or down an outfit. While peep toe pumps seem obvious for cocktail or dressy attire, you can also combine peep toe boots with leggings and a large knit sweater or open toe flats with jeans, says The Chic Fashionista. Both options are acceptable for winter style. Just don’t forget to update your pedicure and keep your toes perfectly polished if you choose to show them off.