Fun Ways To Decorate Converse

Fun Ways To Decorate Converse

Back in 1908 when Marquis M. Converse opened the Converse Rubber Shoe Company, he probably didn’t imagine his canvas-topped, rubber-soled athletic shoes would eventually be fashion statements available in a wide range of styles and colors. One thing hasn’t changed, however — the classic look and clean lines that make Converse shoes a perfect blank canvas for decoration. Here are our top 4 ideas for how to decorate Converse sneakers!

DIY - Fun Ways To Decorate Converse
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Glittery Good

Turn your plain canvas Converse sneakers into glittery bling to liven up any outfit. Cover the entire shoe with glitter, add sparkle to the toes only, or create twinkling tiger stripes, swirls, dots or stars. Start by cleaning any dust or dirt off your shoes and then cover the rubber soles with tape. Use a small paintbrush to apply glitter fabric paint to the canvas surface of your shoes. Mix extra-fine powdered glitter into the paint for brighter shine. Feel free to mix colors, lay out a glittering rainbow, fade colors into one another or stick with one bright, shining color of glitter.

Get Studly

Add a touch of metal to your Converse shoes with spikes or studs. Go punk with silver spikes marching down the back of your shoes or covering the heels and toes. Add a little luxe with gold, boxy studs over the entire shoe or stay subtle with studs only on the shoe tongue or heel. Try star-shaped studs or round silver balls. You’ll need to punch a small hole in the canvas for spikes, screwing them firmly in place through the hole. Attach studs with glue or push their prongs through the canvas and use a hammer’s head to flatten the prong points inside the shoe.

Painted Perfection

Break out the fabric paint and turn your Converse shoes into masterpieces. White shoes are best to show off your colors, but you can liven up black shoes with bright, light tones. Start with clean shoes and then cover the canvas with a melange of colors in geometric shapes, blotches, dots, stars or any design of your own creation. Use a small stencil if you don’t trust your freehand artistic abilities. Paint flowers, smiley faces, animals or graffiti-style scribbles across the shoes — whatever suits your style.

Pen and Ink

Use permanent ink markers, paint markers or even glitter ink to add designs to your favorite white Converse shoes. Add decoration as simple as your name or an inspirational word scripted along the shoe toes. Cover the entire canvas surface with a neatly printed poem, personal manifesto or religious verse. Use the markers to draw repeating patterns, lightning bolts, creepy symbols, flowers or squiggles all around the shoe. Go silly with a black mustache drawn on the toes or serious with a replica of the Mona Lisa or other classic work of art.