Cute Boots for College Students

Cute Boots for College Students

Cute Boots For College Students


As you try to balance practicality with style, some seasons can bring about more footwear fashion challenges than others. Whether you’re trying to protect your feet from rain puddles or snow on the college campus or just looking for something chic for school, you’ll look trendy and classy or comfortable and casual in a cute pair of boots.

Wearing Wellies

Whether it’s pouring outside or you’ve just got a new pair of rain boots to show off, transform any pair of galoshes into a trendy footwear choice. When you’re out in a summer sun shower, throw on your favorite, colorful rain boots, a khaki or denim skirt and a casual T-shirt. Add a lightweight scarf that coordinates with your boots to bring the outfit together. In spring or fall, show off a pair of high-heeled rain boots in classic black or charcoal gray. Add dimension to your outfit with a feminine sundress, black leggings, a cardigan and a lightweight, 3/4-sleeve jacket. If you couldn’t resist those bright pink  galoshes, make them a little more grown up with a mid-thigh sheath dress, a short denim jacket and a solid-colored pink scarf.

Warm and Fuzzy

Look adorable and stay warm in a pair of faux fur-topped winter boots. You won’t want to cover these up with flare or bootcut jeans, so opt for skinny jeans or fleece-lined leggings instead. If a little trimming isn’t enough for you, don boots that are covered from top to bottom in fuzzy fur. Choose a neutral-colored pair, such as black or chocolate brown, to wear with a variety of outfits or show off your feminine side with a pair of pastel furry boots.

Low Risers

Ankle boots offer an abundance of versatility. You can wear them with a skirt, skinny jeans or jeggings to show off your footwear find or under jeans with a wider leg for a sleek and stylish look. Go for high-heeled ankle boots when you’re dressing up and flats when you’re in need of a little comfort and support. And let your boots communicate something about your personality. Show off your toughness with a pair of studded ankle boots or let a pair of moccasin-style ankle boots reveal your earthy side.

Leather — Sans the Lace

Leather boots freshen up your footwear wardrobe, and you can combine them with just about anything. Pairing cowboy boots with a feminine dress to create a romantic outfit or look ready for the rodeo in a pair of cutoff shorts, plaid shirt and tall, brown cowboy boots. Combine a slouchy pair of black leather boots with leggings and an oversize sweater for a casual autumn outfit. When you’re in the mood to stand out from the crowd, look for leather boots with leather flower embellishments, decorative cutouts, quilted fabric, lace-up backs or colorful fringe.

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