Kids' Christmas Cookie-Making Party

Kids' Christmas Cookie-Making Party

Kids and cookies naturally go together, both full of sweetness and fun. Grab your favorite kiddos and throw a Christmas cookie-making party to celebrate this festive season. With rolling pins working and sprinkles flying, the gang can enjoy special time together while baking up a bunch of delicious Christmas confections.

How To Throw A Kids' Christmas Cookie-Making Party

Line Up Party Essentials

Your list of must-haves for a cookie-decorating party will be a sweet effort. Line your work surfaces with disposable holiday tablecloths to simplify clean up. You’ll also need generous amounts of decorating sprinkles in a variety of colors and candies for decorating such as cinnamon dots, gumdrops, licorice laces and chocolate candies. Add icing for spreading and piping to your shopping list in assorted bright colors. Purchase cardboard take-home boxes for sending cookies home with guests. Simplify your cookie party by making the cookie dough prior to the party so that guests just need to roll and cut them out prior to baking and decorating.

Set the Scene

As your kitchen will be the scene of this gala event, create the necessary work stations on tables and counters. Cover work surfaces with the disposable tablecloths, then tape them down securely. Make work stations for rolling and cutting, transferring to baking sheets, cooling on racks and, finally, decorating the sweet treats. Assign at least one adult at each station to supervise kids, and delegate the baking stage to one responsible adult for safety. Allow the kids to move through the workstations with two or three at a time working on each task. Don’t forget to set the mood with festive music in the background and Christmas decorations throughout the house, and give the little chefs Santa hats while they work in the kitchen, if you wish.

Build a Gingerbread House

Add a gingerbread house workstation to your cookie party for a festive touch. For simplicity, construct the house prior to the party, but set out frosting and a generous variety of candies so the kids can embellish the sweet structure with colorful Christmas cheer. Take a picture of the kids with the finished gingerbread house at the end of the party.

Send Them Home Smiling

Serve snacks at the party, as well as holiday beverages such as cider and eggnog. When it’s time to wind down the festivities, pack up two or three cookies per guest in the boxes you bought. Make sure the decorated cookies are set and hard before you pack them for transit. You might allow each guest to choose which cookies to take home because often your little friends will have created special masterpieces they want to enjoy.