How To Clean Moccasins

How To Clean Moccasins

How To Clean Moccasins

Moccasins are as comfortable and durable now as they were in the past. Because this footwear is so foot-friendly, you’re likely to wear your moccasins often, eventually resulting in some areas that need a gentle cleaning. Whether the moccasins are short or tall, suede or leather, keeping them clean and cared for extends their useful life and their beauty.

Ditching the Dirt

Caked-on dirt is inevitable if you walk through muddy areas. After the mud dries, remove as much dirt as you can by gently brushing the moccasin with a toothbrush or with a suede brush if the moccasins are suede. Get rid of any remaining dirt by moistening the dirty area slightly, rinsing the brush and putting a few drops of baby shampoo on its bristles. Massage the affected area of the moccasin with the brush. After another brushing with clean water, the moccasin is ready to dry. Stuff the toe area with a wad of paper so your moccasin keeps its shape and set it in a dry area, out of direct sunlight, to dry.

Erase Those Scuffs

The same toothbrush or suede brush that’s so good at removing loose dirt also gets rid of scuffs on your favorite moccasins. Brush the scuffed area to remove whatever part of the scuff comes away easily and then follow up with a pencil eraser. The texture of the eraser grabs at the substance and pulls it away. Brush off the eraser debris with your hand.

Just for Leather

If the moccasins are leather, a special leather cleaner and conditioner keeps the material soft and supple. Dab leather cleaner or saddle soap on a damp sponge and rub the dirt spots after brushing off all loose dirt. Wipe again with the sponge after rinsing it. A leather conditioner or protectant applied afterward keeps the leather looking its best.

Fringe and Laces

Fringe and laces also become dirty over time. Brush the dirt and use a pencil eraser to remove scuff marks. If the fringe no longer lies flat, iron it into position by placing a dish towel over it and pressing the towel using an iron on a no-steam setting. Move the iron in the downward direction of the fringe to flatten it and then set the moccasin upright in an area out of the sun where gravity helps set the fringe in place.