Family Christmas Picture Ideas

Family Christmas Picture Ideas

Whether you have one wonderful child or five funny kids, you’ll delight in capturing a festive family photo as a present for yourself and as the centerpiece of your holiday card. A family photo takes some planning — from what to wear to where to take it — but the memory you get and the personalized greeting you send makes it worth the extra effort. After you take the family picture and deliver the card, Santa won’t be the only one singing a jingle. Merriment will set in each time you see that picture and are reminded just how big Santa’s little helpers have grown.

Family Christmas Picture Ideas

All That Glistens

‘Tis the season for all that sparkles. Pose your family by your lit Christmas tree; set your camera to a slow shutter speed and then purposely move your camera a bit. When you do, your children’s faces won’t be the only things glowing. Just make sure to use your camera’s flash if you don’t have supplemental lighting nearby. If the tree isn’t up yet, tout some togetherness by dressing the entire family in winter-white clothing and then wrapping a few strands of clear twinkle lights around the bunch. The result is a picture filled with winter wonder.

Be Witty With Words

Everyone doesn’t have to be in the same picture to share the love. Take individual family photos doing what brings each member the most peace. If your son is a sensational soccer player, take his picture in action with the caption “My goal is for you to have a merry Christmas!” If you and your husband love skiing, take a picture of you two on the slopes with the caption “Merry Christmas. We wish you a flying start on a new year ahead!” The goal is to capture the individuality of each family member while tying in a merry message.

Naughty and Nice

Kids love Santa but loathe the thought that coal might exist. Take a cue from Santa’s Christmas list and show who made it to the nice side. A warm picture includes the parents in front holding two candy canes that create a heart, while the children play in the background. If you have three children, have each hold up a letter to J-O-Y; four children can spell L-O-V-E; and five children, P-E-A-C-E. To play the naughty card, take a picture of a toddler stringing Christmas lights tightly around his parents. Another fun photo shows the children getting into mischief with the excuse “Dear Santa, We Can Explain.”

Play Up the Props

Take advantage of nature’s backdrop and set up shop outside. Pick a theme or feeling you want to evoke and then bring out props that support what you’re trying to capture. Put your baby in an old-fashioned wagon and have her older sister pull her into laughter. Bring out an antique-looking couch for the whole family to pile on or make your rustic porch rock as your cool backdrop. When the weather turns frosty, build a snowman, capture the fun of a sleigh ride or deck the halls — and each other — during a snowball fight. Think beforehand so you have the necessary items before heading outside.