Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a Christmas tree, so put some time and thought into how you decorate this focal point of the holiday season. Whether you choose the traditional route or opt for a theme, creating a tree that fits your family’s style brings the holiday into focus for everyone.

Invite Youthful Input

Family is an integral part of the Christmas celebration, so involve your children in the decorating process. Talk with your kids about possible decorating themes you might incorporate into this year’s festivities. Browse catalogs and magazines together, looking for new and exciting ideas. Peruse your current ornament collection with a critical eye to decide which ornaments to use and which ones to skip. They will have their favorites, but you might be surprised at the innovative ideas your kids can interject into Christmas tree decorating.

New and Colorful Themes

Choosing a single color for ornaments and decorations creates a bold and beautiful Christmas tree. Choose from white, red, blue, gold or even purple. After you settle on a color, the ornaments, lights, garland and tree topper should all match to create a striking holiday vision. There is no shortage of themes for Christmas trees. Kids enjoy themes that focus on birds, Santa, fairy tales, circuses, candy, angels, teddy bears and snowflakes.

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Old-Fashioned Tradition

If you prefer not to part with tradition, make your Christmas tree focus a simple and old-fashioned one. Examine each ornament in your collection and choose only the ones with rich and strong memories of Christmases past. The ornaments made by little hands are probably a big part of this family tree, as are ornaments with special significance like the children’s births. Round out this tree with natural ornaments such as pinecones and faux berry clusters.

Think Outside the Box

Perhaps your family is ready to take a big jump and explore innovative options. Consider the unusual appeal of a stark white tree with a rainbow of colorful baubles hanging from every bough. Go ahead and depart from the traditional star or angel on the top of the tree. Hoist a favorite doll from your childhood to the top of the tree or perch a stuffed animal at the highest point. Tie a big loopy bow as a tree topper and arrange ribbons hanging down the tree from the bow. You could even arrange the ribbons around the tree to create an interlocking diamond pattern or drape ribbon as a garland around the tree in traditional style.