Best Boots To Stand The Test Of Time

Best Boots To Stand The Test Of Time

Whether choosing boots for everyday wear or specific tasks such as hiking, you’ll want a boot that stands the test of time, both in appearance and durability. The materials and stitching are good indicators of the boot’s quality, so give them a good look when choosing the style that suits you best. Take a walk in those boots so you’re sure they feel comfortable as well since comfort is key, especially if you plan on wearing the boots often. Here are our picks for the best boots to get you through the years!

Everyday Wear

Boots For Everyday Wear

A good boot is the type of footwear you might feel like wearing every day, no matter what your outfit. For this type of boot, comfort, looks and durability are important. A cowboy boot is a classic choice, looking right at home with jeans, a skirt or even shorts. Choose a color and style that match your wardrobe effortlessly; while it may be tempting to buy that bright orange or purple pair of cowboy boots, how often would you actually wear them? Try the boots on for comfort, check how easy it is to get them on and off, and decide whether you prefer a low or medium heel. A riding boot offers a similar classic look with a flatter heel. A leather cowboy or riding boot lasts many years with proper care and will generally both look better and outlast one created of man-made materials.


Hiking Boots

Like a sneaker, there are many types of hiking boots to choose from, which may make a decision seem a little daunting at first. Picking a suitable hiking boot is sometimes just a matter of deciding how often and for how long you’ll wear them. Whether you enjoy long hikes and hike frequently or simply enjoy wearing such a boot in the yard or around town, a comfortable, lightweight boot is a good choice. A low-cut hiking boot works well for hikes on mostly flat land, while one with ankle support and heavy traction is more suited to climbing uneven terrain. Breathability is also important when choosing a hiking boot. If you hike through water, options are a boot that dries quickly or one that offers water resistance.

Dressing Up

 Boots For Dressing Up

A timeless boot offers an alternative to wearing pumps for a night out on the town or dinner after work. Dressy boots look good with dark jeans, tights or skirts, especially in a shade such as black, which is never subject to trends. A slim, tall, high-heeled boot with a little room around your calf keeps your legs warm on a cool night or while wearing a skirt. A bootlet or bootie marries the look of boot and high heels with a little more comfort and protection than high heels alone. Opt for a dark pair and a neutral tone, such as gray, for boots that match the most outfits; this means the boots are more likely to spend time on your feet than tucked away in the closet for years.

Snow Season

Snow Boots

Whether you live in a climate where the snow runs deep or simply need some extra traction and protection for occasional treks through slushy conditions, a snow boot helps keep you both warm and safe when dealing with the outdoors. If you do any shoveling or hiking through snow, a high, comfortable boot with soft, fleecy lining keeps those toes cozy. Choose a boot with waterproof or water-resistant outer material if you spend time outdoors, otherwise, wet feet may dampen your spirits. Tall suede boots may look nice for a trip to the store, but they won’t protect as well when trekking through deep snow. If your needs involve stepping out of the car through slush, a low, water-resistant hiking boot with good traction offers seasonal protection and comfort.