5 Comfortable Women's Slippers

5 Comfortable Women's Slippers

When it comes to footwear for around the house, it’s hard to beat a comfortable slipper. The most comfortable women’s slippers hug the foot with a pampering softness that may make you want to keep them on all day. The slipper that’s most comfortable for you may depend on the season or how much warmth you prefer, but once you try on that perfect pair, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

Soft ScuffsSoft Scuff Slippers - Muk Luks Crystal

A scuff slipper is the classic slide-the-foot-in bedroom or house slipper featuring either an open or closed toe and a completely open back. Terrycloth and velour are common scuff slipper covering materials, as is a polyester fleece. These lightweight slippers have a low heel and may or may not have a bottom that provides traction.

Cushy Clogs

Clog Slippers - Dearfoams Chestnut

Clog-style slippers with an open back offer easy on, easy off access for that quick trip out of the bed to the bathroom or to the door to let the dog in. This style slipper is especially comfy when lined with fleece or faux fleece with a microfiber outer covering, such as the Dearfoams Micro Clog. A molded sole provides adequate traction no matter the surface. A clog typically covers a bit more of the foot than a scuff slipper with a bit sturdier, heavier construction; it’s heel may also be a bit higher than a scuff slipper heel.

Slipper Boots

Slipper Boots - Muk Luks Marisa

A slipper boot, as the name implies, offers the comfort of a slipper with the height of a boot. The outside of a slipper boot may be knit, fleece or microfiber, ideal for warming both the feet and calves on the coldest days. These are often lined with materials such as faux sherpa for extra comfort and warmth.

Warm Booties

Slipper Booties - Steve Madden Sunshine

A bootie slipper is a bit shorter than a slipper boot, covering the ankle but not the calf. These are available in a variety of shapes, from a suede outsole bootie that’s fairly sturdy on down to ultra-soft and light fleece booties that fold over.

Moccasins and Beyond

Moccasins - Minnetonka Britt Trapper Moccasins

Moccasins designed as slippers have the style and shape of outdoor moccasins with extra soft and cushy linings inside. These keep feet warm even without socks and hold their shape well, especially if made with a suede outsole. Other shoe-style slippers provide a similar level of comfort, such as taking a clog style and closing the back so the heel is covered as well, offering warmth all around.

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