Totally Tubular Ladies From the 80's Playlist

Totally Tubular Ladies From the 80's Playlist

Has your old playlist let you down? Are you looking for a new groove to turn your workout around? Footnotes has you covered! Check out this fun themed playlist to add a little extra oomph to your Victory. Songs are listed according to beats per minute, so they start slow and go up from there.

80s playlist


So get ready to step into the time machine for a flashback that is, like, all ladies and totally 80’s! Here’s our Totally Tubular Ladies From the 80’s Playlist:

80 BPM: Blondie – One Way or Another

(After making a splash in 1978 with “Heart of Glass”, the Deborah Harry-fronted Blondie is considered to be a pioneer of the eighties New Wave scene.)


80 BPM: Pretenders – Middle of the Road

(Emerging from the British Punk scene in the seventies, the Pretenders scored a number of hits in the eighties thanks to the unwavering leadership and unmistakable voice of Akron-native Chrissie Hynde.)


88 BPM: Concrete Blonde – Still in Hollywood

(Mixing punk and hard rock, Concrete Blonde stood above the L.A. Alternative scene thanks to Johnette Napolitano’s tough vocals and touching lyrics.)


96 BPM: Nena – 99 Red Balloons

(Nena with lead vocalist Gabriele Susanne Kerner hit big in the eighties with 2 versions of the same song. Whether in English or the original German, no eighties mix is complete without at least 99 balloons.)


126 BPM: Eurythmics – Missionary Man

(At the height of MTV’s reign as an actual music video channel, Annie Lennox was a mainstay, with her bright red, military-style coif. With hit upon hit, Lennox and her powerhouse vocals quickly proved that she was more than just a shocking haircut.)


120 BPM: Bananarama – Venus

(Still recording to this day, this sometimes-trio, other times-duo, quickly proved they were more than just backup singers for other artists. In fact, they held the Guinness Book of World Records title as all-female group to have the most chart entries.)


130 BPM: Berlin – No More Words

(Before scoring huge with “Take My Breath Away” – thanks Top Gun – Berlin burned up the dance floor in the eighties, thanks in no small part to the beguiling vocals of Terri Nunn.)


136 BPM: Joan Jett – Bad Reputation

(After she was a Runaway and before she loved rock & roll, Joan Jett spelled it all out in punk style with “Bad Reputation”.)


142 BPM: Missing Persons – Walking in L.A.

(See-thru plastic clothing? Check. Blue and pink hair? Check. Delightfully squeaky-voiced vocalist? Check, check, check. Before GaGa was the Lady, there was the Missing Persons.)


156 BPM: The Go-Go’s – Head Over Heels

(Just like peanut butter is to jelly, The Go-Go’s are to the eighties. Considered by many to be the most-successful all-female band of all time, the Go-Go’s billed their 2010 tour as their “farewell”, but haven’t ruled out reforming for another go-go.)


160 BPM: Scandal – Goodbye To You

(Known more for “The Warrior”, Scandal had their “new waviest” moment with this dance classic. Still recording to this day as Scandal in some form, vocalist Patty Smyth was briefly considered as David Lee Roth’s replacement in Van Halen before Sammy Hagar got the gig.)


160 BPM: Kim Wilde – Kids in America

(Londoner Kim Wilde scored a bigger hit with her cover of “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”, but it’s this hit that embodies New Wave in all its synthy, dancey, big-haired glory.)