How to Find Your Shoe Size

How to Find Your Shoe Size

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It might seem like a no-brainer, but there’s more to getting that perfect fit than just slipping on a pair of shoes. But don’t fret just yet – Famous Footwear is here to guide you through the process so victory is yours… and it fits just right.

First, how about a few interesting footwear sizing facts?

Our feet may swell as the day ticks by, so it’s always good practice to try on your shoes towards the end of the day to ensure total comfort.

Our feet grow as we age – sure, not to Hobbit-sized proportions, but it’s good to have your feet measured every year (plus, it’s a great way to tell your feet, “Hey, I’m here for you.”)

Your feet carry all your weight, so be sure to stand when you have them measured.

Brands, styles, even sizes can vary by brand… when you can try the shoe on, go ahead. And while you’re at it, slide on both and give them a stroll.

Be sure to wear the socks you normally wear with the shoes when trying them out – dress socks can alter a fit dramatically compared to athletic socks. Silly, silly dress socks.

And what about the kids?

When shopping for kids shoes, the toe box – where the toes go to – should leave enough room for the toes to wiggle, to and fro.

For each finger’s breadth of extra length between their toes and the edge of the toe box, you have about 3-to-6 months of room to grow.

Your kid’s foot may grown faster than you would think – it’s always good to check the fit on a regular basis to account for sudden spurts.

If the shoes are hard to get on – excluding wild kicking or spontaneous dance parties – or they don’t seem to want to ever keep them on, it might mean the shoes are too small… or they really, really want to dance.

Ask the Experts

When you’re thinking about how to find your shoe size, it’s also important to utilize expert resources.

Feel free to make use of our printable shoe size chart offered on the Famous Footwear website.

And if you have any questions about finding the right fit, stop by your nearest Famous Footwear store and have your feet measured. Your feet with thank you.