Reclaim Your Closet and Organize Your Shoes

Reclaim Your Closet and Organize Your Shoes

Have you found yourself in a shoe rut? Are you spending more time lost in your shoe closet than out and about, strutting your stuff? Maybe it’s time for a little shoe renewal so you can Reclaim Your Closet! Best of all, you can donate your old shoes and do something nice in the process – that’s a win-win!

reclaim your closet and organize your shoes


Now, depending upon your own personal passion – or obsession – for shoes, you could run the risk of being overwhelmed but such an undertaking, so follow this handy guide and you’ll be ready for some new shoes in no time:

STEP 1: Start with a big, open area and prepare to sort your shoes into piles like “KEEPS”, “MAYBES” and “NO WAY, GO AWAYS”

STEP 2: As you are sorting, be sure to try any “KEEPS” and “MAYBES” on (if you’re sorting for someone else, consider if they can still fit into the shoes or if they still use them – so if they have soccer cleats, and the no longer play, they can probably go away)

STEP 3: Consider arranging any shoes you wish to keep by sorting them into categories (this will come in handy later) – boots, flats, sandals, and athletics are some simple, easy-to-reference categories

STEP 4: Unless they are trashed or in complete disrepair, you can donate your shoes at a local shelter or drop box, sell them at a garage sale, or even put them up for auction online to add to your shoe shopping fund

STEP 5: Before heading out and replacing your old shoes, prep your closet by referencing our “Stylish Shoe Storage” board on Pinterest for some ideas on how to organize your shoes and then add your sorted categories back

STEP 6: Now that you have a little more room, in that once cluttered closet, it’s time for the best part…go shoe shopping! Once you’re ready to reclaim your closet, be sure to get you measured so you get the maximum enjoyment out of your new kicks

That’s it! See, it wasn’t that painful – and maybe you can share the shoe love, donate your old pairs, while getting your style back up to speed. Enjoy!