Picnic Perfect

Picnic Perfect

It’s summertime, the trees are green, the flowers in bloom… what better way to enjoy nature’s splendiferous display and spend some quality family time together than a summer picnic?

But before you pile into the family truckster, we have a few tips to make sure your fun in the sun is picnic-perfect!

First, check out our selection of shoes to outfit the family for a summer picnic, with classic looks and easygoing styles from Vans, Sperry, Report and Bobs.

picnic perfect


Next, prep yourself for your day – or night – of fun, by packing a true picnic essential: an easy to clean blanket to spread out all your goodies. Plus, grab some blankets and pillows for you and the fam.

And don’t forget sunblock and a family-friendly bug spray.

As far as food and drink, think about things that can sustain at room temperature, even if you bring a cooler. Consider salads, cheese, fruit; things that are easy to snack on anytime. And don’t forget water… for a twist, maybe add some mint, cucumber or the tried-and-true lemon.

Be nice to nature and nature will be nice to you, so consider washable, reusable dishes and napkins, or anything that is biodegradable.

And above all, have fun – board games, Frisbees, music and water guns are just a few ways to add a little summer excitement to your family picnic.

That’s the short list to get you started… now, you tell us: what do you add to make your picnic perfect?