Mom’s Support Means the World to Me

Mom’s Support Means the World to Me

Image of Dallas Single Mom's familyWhen I was a kid, my mom dueled as a stay-at-home mom and a businesswoman (managing a home business). In addition to her daily routine, she took care of my grandparents when they needed to go to the doctor for dialysis treatments and so much more…to this day, she still has an indomitable and infallible spirit of helping and encouraging others.

One of the lessons she always taught was to find ways to celebrate the small things. We’ve had impromptu birthday parties at periodic times of the year even if it wasn’t our birthday, just so that we could blow out the candles and make more wishes.

From a very young age my siblings and I were engaged with loads of activities, and Mom never hesitated to support us, whether it was sports and school clubs, or other extra-curriculars.  She did this, not only for me, but for other students as well. She always gave 100 percent to everything, no matter how small or large a task it was. It’s this kind of spirit and tradition that I hope I bring to my children.

I am what i am and the best is yet to come from meThe most motivating thing she ever said to me was, “I am what I am and the best is yet to come from me!” She actually wrote this sentence on a post-it note and stuck it on my dresser mirror as a daily reminder.  Mom loved my poetry and writing from a very young age and always encouraged my creativity. And, this mantra springs eternal in my thoughts — especially when it’s time to overcome fears and anxieties in life.

Over the years, I’ve realized that the personal, family, creative and even business sides of my life seem to be interconnected in a lot of ways, and Mom has been my biggest supporter in all of them. I can’t really even describe what a difference that has made and still does today.

Second to my kids, my freelance career is one of the parts of my life where I’m the most passionate. When I started my blog, it was a horrible time in my life. I was going through custody battles and financial problems, and it was a real challenge to stay positive and productive at times. She constantly assured me that I would overcome my obstacles, and she was always reading what I wrote.  There’s something so powerful about that kind of support. Some days I think it actually helped me move mountains.

As a mother, I find myself in a situation comparing my decisions and actions to what she would have done. While I don’t think everything was perfect, I’m comfortable in understanding how her experiences shaped her decisions. It helps me grasp and understand that my experiences shape me and will shape my children. In my opinion, you have to always be cognizant that what you give to the universe — and the people you love — can actually transform lives.

So, thank you Mom, for sending me love and inspiration. You make a difference to me every day.

Famous Footwear is celebrating this Mother’s Day by sending gratitude to mom with real stories from mom bloggers that we admire and respect. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there who make this day possible! And a special thank you to Heather Buen from Dallas Single Mom for telling us about how her mom’s support has changed her life!