Happy Mother's Day - Letters To Mom

Happy Mother's Day - Letters To Mom

We’re so touched by the wonderful “Letters To Mom” that we received from some of our favorite bloggers to celebrate Mother’s Day. Enjoy!

I Speak From the Heart, Thanks to Mom 
Written by Nelli Tokleh, GenPink

Ever since I was a kid, my mom has always been my biggest fan. Back then, I loved participating in extracurricular activities, and she was always there to support me. Whether it was going to band practice, rehearsing for the school play, playing volleyball or writing for the local newspaper, my mom never complained about driving me everywhere and the impact that had on her daily schedule. She saw my passion for these activities and encouraged me to stick with what I loved to do as it would help make me a well-rounded person. I attribute my success in life to the moral and intellectual guidance she provided me with.

Whatever is in the Heart Will Come Up To the TongueWhen I was growing up, Mom frequently shared a Persian proverb with me: “Whatever is in the heart will come up to the tongue.” I know she shared this to teach me about the importance of being honest about my feelings (not holding back) when something is important to me. She taught me that, if I care deeply about something but don’t say what’s on my mind —whether it’s to my sister, my parents, a guy I was crushing on or a best friend — I could regret that choice later in life.

Mom’s advice for me in this area influenced me probably the most in my relationship with my younger sister. We’re only two years apart and share similar interests in pretty much everything. My mom taught me to be especially open with my sister because I’m a role model for her. And, although we used to bicker as sisters sometimes do, I value our sisterly bond even more now that we are adults. Her friendship is invaluable to me, and I owe it to my mom for helping me realize the importance of our relationship. Mom’s advice also lends an added benefit: my sister and I always know where we really stand with each other on just about anything. That kind of trust is really something special if you ask me.

Mom’s advice on open communications also rang true for my academic life. So, it’s no surprise to note that school is the area where I’ve seen the most success over the years. My mom’s biggest push throughout my entire life was focused on education. And now I find myself in grad school, earning a second degree to advance my career! Mom wanted my sister and me to receive the best education and, in turn, the best jobs, because she never had that experience when she lived overseas in a war-torn country.

Looking over my life, I know that all her support and good advice over the years is rooted in a loving mission for me and my siblings. All she wants in life is to see her kids become successful people and help make a difference in this world.  And the best part of it all: when we reach our dreams and goals, she shares each and every victory with us.

Thanks, Mom, for being a mentor, a best friend and for simply being my mom!


Harnessing the Courage to Succeed in Life, Compliments of Mom
Written by Barbara Akowuah, L.A. Fashion Trends Examiner

My mom has inspired me in so many ways. She has always wanted my brothers and me to have every advantage we could have in life — even those she didn’t have. And, when it comes to a role model for compassion, empathy and caring for others, she leads by example — especially where family is concerned.

Mom always encouraged us to do well in school. It’s one of the ways she pressed us to great things and advantages that she didn’t have growing up, as she wasn’t able to complete her studies. I took it to heart, and I worked hard in school. I also worked hard at being a good friend and a kind, giving person to others. But, I couldn’t shake the shadow of worry that followed me around through my later childhood and teen years. I realize now that it’s because I was a perfectionist.

I can remember being worried about everything being perfect — especially where other people’s opinions were concerned. By the time I was a teenager, it started to feel like the more I cared about something, the less I was able to do about it. And, because I was so afraid of not measuring up, I sometimes hesitated to try new things.

Do What Makes You HappyWhen she noticed this, Mom would tell me, “Don’t worry about everyone else or else you won’t be able to do anything. Do what makes you happy.”

Thanks to Mom’s advice, things really turn around for me, and I flourished! I found myself doing things I never would have tried in the past, like walking a mini cat walk in heels in the middle of Times Square and sitting in the front row of all my classes. And, in class, I raised my hand so often that my teachers would say, “Not you again. Give someone else a chance!”

Now that I’m an adult, I can see so clearly how Mom’s influence led to my success not only with school and academics, but also with people. She’s the kind of family-oriented person who simply doesn’t feel content if anyone in the family is troubled, unhappy or facing big life challenges. In fact, if anyone in our family has a problem, it becomes her concern too. And, her loving, caring spirit and careful attention to all of us proves that she still leads by example.

I learned to be compassionate towards others and to help those in need where I can, thanks to Mom. And, my brothers and I are all college graduates, something that wouldn’t have been possible without Mom’s drive and support. She gave us all a wonderful gift: the courage to succeed.

I want to wish my mom and all others a very happy Mother’s Day!


Mom’s Advice on Friends 
Written by Jasmine Anderson, FashionGrail

This Mother’s Day, I’d like reflect on the inspiration and encouragement my mom has given me throughout my life. Much of my drive comes from her, and she’s a woman that gets things done! She tackles things head on without thinking twice. Her energy has always amazed me. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I soldier on with a mental image of my mom doing a million things at once with a smile on her face.

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are & I Will Tell You Who You AreAs I was growing up, my mom used to say, “Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres.” It translates to, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” This saying has always helped me wisely choose the people I surround myself with, and I also share the quote with my kids in English. I believe in surrounding myself with positive people that I respect and love; it’s reflected in everything I do.

I think I’m where I am today in life thanks to Mom. For example, when I look at my boys, I feel successful. I genuinely like the way they are turning out! They’re amazing in so many ways, and best of all, I can’t even take all the credit because they just make it too easy for me. From the moment I became a mother (and I was all of 19), my mom always believed in me and respected the way I parented. She could have easily jumped in on many occasions, but the best thing that she did was let me raise them my way and just be there when I needed her advice.

I truly appreciate my mom for all the life lessons she taught me, and from the bottom of my heart, I want to wish all moms a very happy Mother’s Day!


A Legacy of Strength 
Written by Pam Lutrell, Over 50 Feeling 40

Life on an East Texas oil lease was not easy for my mother and her four siblings, but what made it even harder was the alcoholism of my grandfather.  He came home drunk and abusive most nights.  My mother taught me the value of diligence and perseverance, no matter what your circumstances happen to be.  She taught me to overcome any adversity and to realize the strength of a woman. It is this strength that enables me today to handle many tasks at the same time.  Currently, I am a mother, wife, grandmother, high school teacher, freelance writer and professional blogger.  It takes the tough, diligent attitude my own mother modeled.

Born in Louisiana and raised in East Texas, my mother had some funny sayings, but the sentiments were good!  She always told me not to settle for less….strive for excellence!  The saying goes like, “It’s like trying to and can’t!” (Make sure you say this with a Texas twang!) She had little patience when I did not give my best efforts.

My mom’s influential hard-working attitude has surely passed on to me. Because my mother was strong and tough, I truly believe I can handle anything with success.  The number one area I enjoy the most in life is mothering my own three children and being with my new grandson. We persevered through much, but all three young adults are stellar. I am so proud of them. When I desired private school for them, I went to work for the school in order to make it happen for my kids. There I met Mrs. Billy Graham, who once said she prays daily for a tough hide and a tender heart.  I have the tough hide of an East Texas independent woman and the tender heart followed after.  This proved to be the best combination for becoming a mother who remains close to her children today.

If she’s near you, go hug your mom a little tighter this weekend and wish her a happy Mother’s Day!