What’s Your Sandal Style? Take the Quiz!

What’s Your Sandal Style? Take the Quiz!

Looking for fun sandals now that summer’s just around the corner? Take our quiz to find your style and check out the sandals recommended just for you.

1) My ideal vacation is:

A.  Visiting a theme park
B.  Family fun on the beach
C.  Backpacking across Europe
D.  Cancun club scene

2) Shoe shopping is an indulgence like:

A.  Chatting with my best friend
B.  Getting my hair done
C.  A day at an art fair
D.  Girls’ night out

3) My friends would describe your shoe collection as:

A.  In need of some excitement
B.  Pretty basic
C.  Bursting with color
D.  Needing two closets

4) My wardrobe consists mostly of:

A.  Yoga pants and tanks
B.  Jeans and tees
C.  An eclectic mix of trends
D.  Classic skirts and dresses

5) My shoe mentality is that they’re:

A.  There to get me from point A to point B
B.  A nice complement to my look
C.  A form of self-expression
D.  The one thing I build my outfit around

6) When it comes to trends I’m:

A.  Not interested
B.  Skeptical
C.  Open to mixing in a few
D.  A trendsetter

7) My favorite way to exercise is:

A.  Going for a walk outdoors
B.  A group exercise class
C.  Painting in an art studio
D.  Strolling through the mall

B.O.C Macedonia


If you got…

Mostly A’s: You’re a Comfort Cruiser

You believe that fashion should play a supporting role but not bog you down. There’s a lot of living to do, after all, and the last thing you want is to be slowed down by 4-inch heels and pinched toes. Sandals with comfort features are just what you’re looking for. We recommend the b.o.c by Born Macedonia.





Mostly B’s: You’re Cool & Classic

When it comes to shoes, you crave comfort and casualness, but still want to keep it fresh and exciting. You’re aware of the newest thing, but never overdo it. A T-strap sandal with stylish metallic accents like the G by GUESS Lindsey, brings just enough cool to your classic style.

Zigi Soho Milan Sandals






Mostly C’s: You’re Boho Chic

Any amount of time you can spend daydreaming, being creative and letting your imagination take over is your idea of pure bliss. This free-spirited attitude translates into your fashion sense, making you an ideal boho chic kinda gal. Beaded sandals with artistic accents are what make your heart sing. Check out the Zigi Soho Milan.




G by Guess Ritz



Mostly D’s: You’re Feminine with Flair

Pretty embellishments, eye-catching details and everything girly-girl is right up your alley. You have a passion for the “pretty” things in life and shoes are no exception! Slip into a feminine, floral-accented sandal with rhinestone bling like the G by GUESS Ritz.




Which sandal style are you? Comment below to share your style with us or forward this quiz on to your friends so you can compare!