Fun and Fashionable Kids' Shoes: How to Get More Bang for Your Buck

Fun and Fashionable Kids' Shoes: How to Get More Bang for Your Buck

Kids shoes kids in circleRecently, I sat down with my kids to assess their shoe status for spring and summer. Their feet grow so fast, it’s hard to keep up with their need for new shoes!

If your boys are anything like mine, they’ll wear their shoes out long before they grow out of them. While my girls may not be as rough on their shoes, I seem to be shopping for them just as often. I suppose my love of shoes has rubbed off on them — they are always on the lookout for the next fashionable pair to add to their collection.

With so many feet to cover, I’ve kept a few tips in mind as I’ve shopped for new shoes. These ideas help moms get plenty of bang for their buck while shopping for kids’ shoes, and their kids can enjoy the latest styles throughout the year.

Shop for Versatility

Look for shoes that kids can wear with different outfits on multiple occasions. Remember: The most expensive pair of shoes is the pair that is only worn once and then forgotten in the back of the closet. These shoes for boys and girls will become their favorite go-to pairs, because they go with practically everything.Kids shoes girls' espadrilles

These slip-on espadrilles will be adorable with your daughter’s spring capris or casual summer sundress. Once the fall rolls around, she’ll still be wearing them with her favorite pair of blue jeans. These shoes have so much going for them. The flat, cushioned sole and easy on-and-off make them an easy choice, and their neutral color goes with just about any outfit.Kids shoes boys' topsiders

Your son doesn’t have to spend his days on a boat to appreciate these boat shoes. They look equally dashing with shorts, jeans or a pair of khakis. Plus, they can be worn year-round.


Assess Their Needs

Before heading out to the store or pulling out your laptop to shop for new shoes, think about the next few months. Are there any special events coming up? Vacation? School? Summer camp? Look through their wardrobe to see if there are color or style trends, and then look for shoes that fit the bill.

With weather getting warmer, new sandals are on the top of our list for both the boys and the girls.Kids shoes girls' sandals

I can already picture the younger girls running around the neighborhood, on their way to parks or play dates in these wedge sandals. How cute is the double-flower detail on top?Kids shoes boys' sandals

Boys — from toddlers to tweens — can stay active all season long in these durable, comfortable sports sandals. You may not be able to slow them down when they have these shoes on.


Leave Some Wiggle Room

It’s helpful to purchase kids’ shoes with a little space to grow. Sneakers are my most-frequently purchased shoes for kids, since they need them year-round, so I always try to stretch the length of time my kids can wear their new athletic shoes.Kids shoes girls' sneakers

The trend in kids’ athletic shoes this year is color, so we’re shopping for sneakers in my girls’ favorite colors, like these purple and pink gym shoes. They’ll be ready for anything when they’re wearing these shoes.Kids shoes boys' sneakers

Not only do these athletic shoes come in my son’s favorite color combination — black, blue and grey — they also have a mesh toe area that allows wiggle room and breathability.

What shoes are on your kids’ lists this time of year?