Find Cute Shoes With the Perfect Fit

Find Cute Shoes With the Perfect Fit

BeDazzled high-topsShoes do more than look cute on your feet or make your legs look longer. The perfect pair of shoes not only looks amazing, it is also incredibly functional and comfortable. Be careful, though: It’s not a whiz-bang thing. You have to put in some effort to find cute shoes with the perfect fit.

For example, let’s talk about one of the greatest movies to ever come forth from the early 90s: “The Sandlot.” It’s a movie set in 1962 about a group of kids who play baseball. In “The Sandlot,” one of the boy heroes puts on a pair of PF Flyers. The shoes were guaranteed to make him run faster and jump higher. In 2013, this claim would probably face a lawsuit and end up on The Huffington Post. I do, however, think that shoes could stand behind that claim. Like wizards and shapewear, shoes have magical abilities.

For example, I have high arches. That means a day in your average flip-flops will have me lying on my couch, feet in the air, whining about bad cable television before the clock strikes three in the afternoon. However, in a shoe with great arch support? I’m running laps until midnight.

(Okay, probably not running. More like pushing a Swiffer around the kitchen while listening to Pandora. And definitely not until midnight — I have snacking to do and old junior high classmates to stalk on Facebook.)

But you know what I mean.

Shoe shopping goes beyond finding the right number. There are shoes for people with wide feet, narrow feet, flat arches and even a penchant for BeDazzling. (Skeptics, please click on the shimmery high-tops at the top of the page.)

It’s important to make sure your new shoes fit well and have proper arch support. The footbed that lies in the bottom of the shoe is there to support you! If you’re unsure about size and fit, employees at your local shoe store can help you find the right pair.

Before the advent of cool shoes that provided comfort and street cred, supportive shoes were *whispers* unattractive. Uncool. Totally would earn you the right to several noogies in the school cafeteria. Now, supportive does not equal dowdy, frumpy or anything resembling the shoe lineup in your Aunt Mabel’s closet.

So there you go. Grab yourself some cute shoes with arch support and a proper footbed. Then watch how you can run faster, jump higher and overcook dinner with finesse.