Holiday Road: Family Spring Break Styles

Holiday Road: Family Spring Break Styles

Whether you’re kicking back on the beach, playing hard in the great outdoors, or keeping it close to home, we have the perfect family spring break styles to make your down time shine!

Beach Getaways

Looking to hit a little sun and surf with the family this spring break? Here are our top 5 beach destinations in the continental U.S.

Myrtle Beach, SC
MYRTLE BEACH, SC - Photo from

1)   Myrtle Beach, SC: Pleasant water and a large range of shore-front activities make this our #1 family beach destination.

2)   San Diego, CA: The San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld and a variety of parks and museums, in addition to great beaches make this a top spot.

3)   Outer Banks, NC: Features over 90 miles of beaches, multiple parks, adventures and sightseeing options.

4)   Fort Lauderdale, FL: Boasts an expansive, safe beach plus kid-friendly resorts and activities.

5)   Virginia Beach, VA: Check out the traditional beach and boardwalk set-up, along with historical landmarks.

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If a little more excitement and adventure is in your game plan, why not head off the beaten path? Check out these 5 family adventure destinations.

Yosemite National Park
YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK - Photograph by Bill Hatcher via

1)   Yosemite National Park, CA: Towering trees, walls of granite and majestic waterfalls in every direction make Yosemite the place to see for hiking, rafting, camping and more.

2)   Clearwater River, ID: Hiking, horseback riding, fly-fishing and rafting are just a handful of the experiences to be had along this Idaho river.

3)   Kanarra Creek Canyon, UT: Great for families or beginners, this three-and-a-half-mile round-trip canyon doesn’t require experience or loads of gear and offers a chance to experience the craze known as “canyoneering.”

4)   Mountain View, AR: Named as one of America’s best adventure towns by National Geographic Adventure, Montain View offers an up-close view of the Ozarks from the trails to the treetops.

5)   White Mountains, NH: While the over 2,100 miles of Appalachian Trail may seem like a stretch, the Appalachian Mountain Club offers plenty of shorter adventures and events including hiking, climbing and rafting.

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Old Man Winter is taking a hike and you want to celebrate the spring thaw – catch is, you want to keep it a little closer to home. Here are 5 great ways to add fun to your staycation.

Grow your green thumb with an outdoor home garden
HOME GARDEN - Photo by Jody Rogac via

1)     Practice “Boardom”: Want to try something new? Try something old. Old-school board games are just as fun as ever. Clue, Monopoly or Scrabble for the classics, or check out what’s new at your local retailer.

2)    Explore Locally: A road trip is the perfect way to see what might be hiding just under your nose, from a day of hiking in a local park to an overnight stay at a bed & breakfast. Check your local parks department or library for points of interest.

3)    Grow Your Green Thumb: It’s fun, it’s easy, and 100% natural. Plus, you have a chance to play in the dirt! From beautiful flowers to tasty veggies and fruits, a garden is what you make of it. Check your local garden center for what’s best in your area.

4)    Craft Your Own Fun: Have some wood lying around, maybe an old door or picnic table just fading in the sun? Why not break out the brushes and get creative? Re-purpose old items with a fresh coat of paint and some personality. You’d be surprised how colorful things can be when there are no rules.

5)    Movie Night: Don’t just plop on the couch and let the TV decide – make a game of it! Come up with a theme and challenge everyone to come up with a unique title to watch, or fill a hat full of categories (thriller, romance, comedy, sci-fi, etc.) and have someone grab 2, then find a movie that features both! Or have each person show a favorite title from a genre, or even come up with movies that nobody has seen.

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What type of  spring break vacation will your clan be taking this year?