Help Kids Get Pumped Up Kicks With These Shoe Crafts

Help Kids Get Pumped Up Kicks With These Shoe Crafts

Growing up, I’d always get my brother’s hand-me-downs. As if wearing second-hand clothes wasn’t embarrassing enough, I always had to jazz things up to make them look more girlie. I remember cutting up old T-shirts to make headbands and scarves, as well as canvasing his old white Converse shoes with puffy paint and glittery purple shoe laces (ah, the 80s). Using that as inspiration, here are a few fun ways to make some snazzy shoe crafts with your kids.

Glitter Shoe Laces

Have a little lady who loves some sparkle? Here’s a great way to add some glisten to her glam gams! Pick out some thick yarn in various fun colors from any craft store. (This way, you can continue to switch up the look or match any outfit!) You don’t need much, just two strands of yarn about six inches long. Make fun frayed ends by knotting the ends and separating the strands for a “tassel” effect.

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Shiny Shoes

If your daughter likes glittery shoes, I found a great tutorial online that walks you through each step of applying the glitter and even adding some flashy studs/crystals to the top.

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DIY Shoe-Tying Board

Have a wee one wanting to learn how to tie his or her shoes? Make a super cute shoe-tying board in 10 simple steps!

•  Cardboard
•  Shoelaces
•  Screwdriver
•  Pencil
•  Black permanent marker
•  Crayons/colored markers


1. Cut a square out of a cardboard box (or, you can take the easy way out like me and take the cardboard off the back of a legal pad).
2. Place a shoe down on it.
shoe tying3. Trace around the sole of a shoe with pencil first.
4. Trace the pencil with black permanent marker. (Try not to get marker on your shoe.)
5. Make a straight line on the cardboard for the toe design at the top of each shoe.
6. Draw ten dots (two rows of five each) on the shoe outline for the lace holes.
7. Lay the cardboard on top of thick carpeting and (adults only!) punch out the lace holes with the screwdriver.
8. Spin the screwdriver around to create the holes.
9. Let your kiddo color the shoe-tying board to create the shoe of his dreams.
10. Thread the shoelaces through the holes, then let your child learn to tie.

Adding Flair to Flip-Flops

I found two great sites that have fun ideas for adding flair to flip-flops. Just buy a basic pair of flip-flops and then tie balloons or fabric around the straps to be festive for a holiday, party or just because!
Balloon flip-flops
Bandana flip-flops

These are just a handful of fun kid crafts you can enjoy with your family. What are some other kid crafts you recommend?