Get Fashion & Function With Minx Nail Colors

Get Fashion & Function With Minx Nail Colors

Moms today strive for fashion and function. We want to look good without spending a lot of time and effort maintaining that look. Thanks to Minx nail colors, we can achieve that — on our fingers and toes at least.

I discovered Minx about this time last year. My nail tech told me that it’s actually a thin polymer that molds to your nails. It’s kind of like what they use to pinstripe cars. There’s no dry time, and you can choose from more than 170 fun, funky designs, colors and patterns. You can even get fancy and customize the design yourself.

minx manicureI chose houndstooth for my first Minx pedi, because I was obsessed with that pattern at the time. People would stop me all the time to ask how the heck I got my toes to look like that. Some thought it was airbrushed, others thought it was a stencil. But, no. I got Minxed!

I’ve since gotten a Minx mani and pedi several times, because they last about twice as long but are practically the same price as a regular mani/pedi ($65/pedi, $45/mani). The pedicures last six to eight weeks, and the manicures will last about two weeks.

If you have a beach vacation in your future, I definitely recommend getting Minxed. The sand didn’t dull or chip my minx pedicure one bit when I went to the beach last year, which is really impressive! The shellac pedicure I had the year prior stood up to the sand for about four days, but then it started to chip. The Minx lasted for my entire week-long beach vacation and several weeks beyond.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, which I highly recommend, there’s a “Find A Stylist” page on the Minx website that helps you find the nearest Minx-certified tech near you.