Be a Good Role Model: Get Healthy and Active With Your Kids

Be a Good Role Model: Get Healthy and Active With Your Kids

Family exercisingFamily fitness and exercise has important benefits for both parents and children. Teaching your children how to be active and physically fit is an important part of being a good parent. Not only does it promote good health, but it also gives parents a great opportunity to spend time with their children doing something fun.

Keep Up With the Kids

Being active is key to any healthy lifestyle, and kids want their parents to lead by example. That means not only exercising on your own, but also actually doing some of the things your kids love with them. My daughter and I enjoy having dance-offs while listening to her favorite music. My son likes to race me home from school. What they love most is that I am active and willing to go the extra mile with them.

Activities You Can Do With Your Children

Try new activities together, or teach your kids skills you already know. If your children are involved in sports or activities, they might even show you a thing or two. If you’re looking for more ways to stay active, consider these tips:

– Instead of driving, ride bikes or walk together. Learn street safety while you’re at it.
– Take the dog for an extra long walk or jog.
– Have a dance-off using your favorite video game platform.
– Play basketball, baseball or soccer.
– Do laps in the pool and race your kids.
Train for a 5K together. Look for organized runs with fun themes, such as the Run for Your Lives, which features zombies.
– Jump rope, Double Dutch.
– Play tennis on a public court.
– Ski, snowboard or snowshoe in the winter.
– Hike, swim and surf in the summer.
– Practice yoga as a family.
– Take exercise classes together or try a workout DVD in your own living room.
– Try martial arts such as karate or kickboxing.

Women's Nike cross-trainerOf course, the right athletic shoe helps you keep up with your kids and prevent injuries. This shoe is a cross-trainer, which means it’s suitable for wide range of activities. It also comes in a variety of fun colors.

No matter what activities you choose, the important thing is to lead your kids in a healthy lifestyle.