Jack and the Skate Shoes

Jack and the Skate Shoes

Hello readers! This is my first post to the Famous Footwear blog; I just couldn’t resist sharing my nephew’s very own Victory moment with his new Nike Isolate skate shoes.

To give you a little background, I work in the marketing department for Famous and love to share stories about my niece and nephews. I don’t have any children of my own yet, so I often babysit and spoil these kids as if they were mine. They never fail to leave me in stitches with the things they do and say and their rationale for everyday situations.  They affectionately call me “Aunt Goose” (you’ll see why that’s important later…)

About a month ago, while watching my 6-year-old nephew, Jack, we visited a Famous Footwear store. Now being a 6-year-old boy the last thing I thought he’d be interested in was a trip to the shoe store. Boy, was I wrong. The second we crossed the threshold it was like a bright light was drawing him to a particular pair of black and neon green Nike skate shoes.

He begged me for the them and told me how much he had to have them. Was he serious? I’d never seen him wear a pair of skate shoes in his life! I contemplated making the purchase but decided to pass for two reasons. First, Jack has an older brother and I’ve already made the mistake of getting one child a gift and not the other. And secondly, how many times have you gotten a kid something they HAD TO HAVE only to see that they left it in your car when you drop them off. Nope, I wasn’t going to get them. I figured the second we left the store he was sure to forget about the shoes.

Fast forward a week, not only have I received voicemails from Jack asking if we could get the shoes, but my sister, Jack’s mom, is now curious what these Nike skate shoes are all about because of Jack’s non-stop requests for them. I must say I’m surprised, I can’t believe he is still talking about them. But again, I think give it a little more time, he’ll forget.

The final straw came shortly after. My sister attended a “meet the teacher” night at Jack’s school. The teacher had displayed all the children’s work on each desk for the parents to review and ask any questions. Upon arriving at Jack’s desk my sister finds a writing exercise that he worked on. The teacher approached my sister and says, “You know, I’m not quite sure what Jack was trying to say, but at this age we don’t correct the spelling, we just encourage them to write.” Well, my sister knew exactly what he was trying to say…Can you guess?

Skate shoes

For those of you not well-versed in 6-year-old spelling and grammar, I’ll translate. “I want my brand new skate board shoes, Aunt Goose. I want the shoes.”

Of course, my sister immediately sends it to me and says, “I think it’s time to give in!”

The next day I picked up Jack and took him back to the store and got the Nike Isolate skate shoes he’d been obsessing over. I’ve never seen the kid so excited! Here he is modeling his new shoes.

Nike Isolate Skate Shoes

Nike Isolate Skate Shoes
Boys' Nike Isolate Skate Shoes

He was so excited that he wore them out of the store and didn’t take them off until bedtime. Check them out for yourself at Famous.com!

Have you ever fallen in love with a pair of shoes at first sight? Share your Victory moment with us!