Behind the Victory

Behind the Victory

Want to know what it takes to make a Victory? If you have a dancing lion, racks and racks of clothes, and a big, blue sky, you’d be on your way.

These behind-the-scenes snapshots give you just a teensy glimpse into the work it took to bring our new TV spots to life. But it’s not just fun and games, oh no. Before the lion busts a move, paperwork must be signed.

Lion Mascot from the Famous Footwear Commercial
And a thorough inspection of the costume must be conducted.

Lion Mascot Head

Lion Mascot Head Number 2











Stylists and designers work in tandem to outfit for all the actors and extras. The trick is making it all seem natural… of course, what seems perfect on the rack can be totally wrong on-screen, so options are a must. Lots and lots of options.

Wardrobe For Victory Commercials - Stylists Pull From This



















And sometimes, you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. This day, she was in a very good mood.

Victory Is Yours Photoshoot

Sometimes, to capture a moment of Victory, you just need a clear sky, the sun shining down and the wind in your hair. And that, dear friends, is free for all!

Now go grab your own Victory and share it with us!