Buyer's Victory: Cali Girls by Skechers Triple Time

Buyer's Victory: Cali Girls by Skechers Triple Time

This week you’ll love the flashy (literally), fun style of Kristin’s Victory shoe for back-to-school! It’s the Cali Girls by Skechers Triple Time from the Twinkle Toes collection.

“This shoe has everything – stars, bright colors, straps so your little one can put on herself quickly and it LIGHTS UP!!! The multi colors make it perfect with any outfit she is  wearing.” – Kristin

Cali Girls by Sketchers, Triple Time from the Triple Toes CollectionThere are many more Cali Girls by Skechers shoes to choose from if you love this look!

Buyer's Victory from Kristin

Name: Kristin

Buyer: Boys’ & Girls’ Non-Athletic

Shoe Size: 7

Everyday Style: Since the temperature has been 100+ degrees here in St. Louis, this summer my wardrobe consists of lightweight flowing dresses with flat sandals.

Memorable Shoe Victory: Yesterday afternoon, I was wearing my ZIGI SOHO Fairy sandals with a summer dress and shopping at Costco. Minding my own business, I heard a woman loudly yell to her friend, “oh my gosh, those are fantastic!” She then proceeds to come running up to me and tells me that, “I must feel like a million bucks in them. WHERE DID I GET THEM?” I am pretty sure she left and ran right to the nearest Famous Footwear.