Sneakers For Life: Styles You Can (And Should!) Wear Everywhere

Sneakers For Life: Styles You Can (And Should!) Wear Everywhere

Have you heard? Sneakers aren’t just for the gym anymore. Far from it, actually. These days, it’s all about wearing sneakers for, well, everything. We rounded up a few of our favorite styles and asked for your take on them. The consensus? The right pair can take you anywhere you want to go…

Starring the Nike Tanjun  

“As an actor, I’m always running from place to place. I’ll go to class in the morning, an audition in the afternoon and then work at night. These are the shoes I wear when I need to be on top of things and look my best…you never know when you’re gonna catch your big break!”

Nailing it in the Puma Vikky

“I’m a designer and my style is a little edgy. So when I landed an interview for my dream job, I wanted to make sure my outfit and my portfolio both did a good job of reflecting my personality. These shoes were a no-brainer. They’re cool, fun and a little sassy. (P.S. I got the job!)”

Twinning in the Nike Tanjun

“I love, love, love these shoes! They’re so comfy and they seriously go with everything I own. I wear them so much that my friend calls them my uniform…but she just got a pair and has been wearing hers almost more than I do! I guess great minds dress alike.”

Exploring in the adidas Racer

“I live in the middle of a city, so I’m always walking everywhere. I walk to work, to get food, to meet up with my friends… And no matter where I’m going, I can almost guarantee you that I’ll be wearing these shoes. They match everything so I don’t really have to think about it, and they also just feel great.”

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