How One Woman’s Breast Cancer Journey Inspires Us All

How One Woman’s Breast Cancer Journey Inspires Us All

Tangie Lever starts every morning with a mission and a mantra: “Take that first step… You’re gonna fight through this. You’re gonna fight.”

Lever’s story, like many others, chronicles the ups and downs of life with breast cancer. But her testimonial hits close to home for us at Famous Footwear—Lever is our co-worker here in our St. Louis corporate headquarters, and we’ve witnessed her inspiring journey firsthand.

We sat down with Lever to talk about how this experience has changed her and what advice she has to offer others in her shoes. Throughout the entire interview, what struck us the most was her steadfast determination to fight through the hard times and her awe-inspiring ability to find joy in every moment.

“Now, I live as if there is no tomorrow,” Lever said. “So if I feel like I wanna get up and sit on my back porch, sip some tea and watch the birds fly by, I do that.”

Since her diagnosis, Lever has participated in several community-based breast cancer events designed to raise awareness and funds. She stresses the importance of these organizations. “If they didn’t raise money, a lot of us wouldn’t be here. It’s just honest: We wouldn’t be here.”

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re proud to partner with ASICS and Christina Applegate’s Right Action for Women. For every pair of Pink Ribbon shoes sold, ASICS America will donate $10 to the foundation, which helps women at a high risk for breast cancer get screened for early detection.

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