It’s Limerick Time: Learn About Some Gold Shoes (in Rhyme!)

There once was a shoe store called Famous,
Who sold shoes to every Patrick and Seamus.
The new shoes weren’t old—
Some even came in gold!
Here are a few that won’t remain nameless:

One was a sandal named Cayden
Its shiny gold never fadin’.
It’s chic but flat,
And Circus is where it’s at.
They’re great for parties and datin’.

Another was a boat shoe from Sperry,
With gold detail so very, very.
It’s called the Intrepid,
Its style is never tepid,
Get it before it sells out—don’t tarry!

Finally, for high-top sneaker swag,
Get the Neo Raleigh in your bag.
Lace ‘em up tight,
You’ll look just right.
At Famous you won’t worry about the price tag!

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