Guys Guide: Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Guys Guide: Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Stepping out in shoes mismatched to your outfit may not draw much notice when you’re wearing pants. But do the same in shorts, and you might as well turn a spotlight on your faux pas. You can avoid this awkward scenario by wisely choosing from a variety of the right shoes to wear with shorts.

Guys Guide: Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Coordinating Styles

Shorts range from dressy pleated shorts to casual denim, cargo or athletic shorts. Your shoe choice should follow the style set by the shorts themselves. Even if you choosy a dressy pair of shorts, they aren’t in the same league as dress pants, so skip the polished wingtips. A pair of classic¬†boat shoes or moccasins do the trick. Casual shorts offer more options. Boat shoes still work, but you can also choose fashion sneakers, espadrilles or sandals.

Matching the Occasion

The warm-weather activities you plan for the day also play a role in your shoe selection. Sandals create a solid casual look with shorts, but they aren’t functional if you plan to hit the golf course or play a round of tennis. In those situations, pair the shorts with sport-specific shoes that complement your outfit. Summer social occasions might also dictate the need for dressier shoes. For a summer gathering, stick with boat shoes or stylish sneakers.

Adding Color

Neutral summer shoes in brown, black, white or gray go with almost any type of shorts, but your footwear also gives you an opportunity to express your style with color. Choose a bright boat shoe to make a splash with your khaki shorts, for example. When adding color with shoes, keep the overall look balanced. Too much color or colors that don’t complement one another create a busy, mismatched look. You don’t want your shoes competing for attention with a colorful shirt.

Finishing Off the Look

The men’s summertime look with shorts often does not include socks. Where long pants cover the tops of your socks, shorts leave them exposed for all to see. The resulting look is often not flattering. Plus, long socks trap the heat during the warm, shorts-wearing months. If you need socks with your sneakers, choose a low cut that isn’t noticeable above the shoe. Always skip the socks when you wear shoes such as sandals and espadrilles, which will reveal the material. If you opt for sandals that show off your feet, take time to groom those toenails so you can put your best foot forward.

Shoes Shown Above

Top Left: Nike FLEX RUN 2014; Top Right: Dockers Cassel slip-ons; Bottom Left: Sperry Top-Sider Leeward 2 Eye; Bottom Right: Nike Benassi sandals