Space Saver Ideas For Shoes

Space Saver Ideas For Shoes

If your passion is shoe shopping, it’s likely your closet is overloaded with stylish heels, boots, sandals and slip-ons. Space is probably an issue at this point, prompting the need for some space saver ideas for your comfy collectibles. From shelves on display to hidden compartments to store your sensational stilettos, save on space and access your favorite footwear with ease.

Space Saver Ideas for Shoes

Discreet Yet Dainty

Instead of crowding your closet floor with a pile of treasured sneakers and slip-ons, hide the clutter and line up your stylish sandals and boots in a shelved cabinet that will fit in a walk-in closet or stand on display, assuming it matches your bedroom décor. Line up your Sperrys, flip-flops and running shoes on each shelf for discreet yet easy access, and simply close the cabinet when you have made your selection.

Foot-Friendly Wall Art

Those pretty, strappy heels or cocktail shoes are definitely a piece of art. Put them on display with small shelves scattered throughout your bedroom or closet. A two-by-four painted a color of your choice can be mounted to the wall with your favorite footwear placed on top. Guests will not only admire your creative décor but also your stylish selection of shoes.

Bookshelf Beauties

Who needs books when you have a plethora of shoes? Dress up a standard bookshelf by lining up your shoes categorized by color to add a dash of style to your bedroom or walk-in closet. With your shoes on display, it’s easier to admire your beauty buys and make a selection that fits your daily attire.

Vertical Views

If floor space is tight in your closet, start from the bottom up to store your classy collection of shoes. A narrow, vertical shoe shelf, storing shoes at every level can be constructed to display your famous footwear from the floor to the ceiling so you can save space and view every single shoe with ease. Don’t forget the step stool to reach the top shelf.

Pullout Pumps

Hide the clutter by customizing your closet with pullout drawers to store your shoes. You can build or buy a dresser in which to store your out-of-season shoes, and use built-in pullout drawers for the season’s best footwear.

Angled Elegance

Keep your best-looking footwear free and in great shape with an elegant option for storage. Customized, angled shelves built from the floor of your closet keep your shoes in place and on display. Feel like you’ve stepped into a boutique with an elegant shoe setup that frees up space in your closet.

Hidden Gems

If your shoe collection is taking over the space in your closet, opt for a hidden storage solution by purchasing under-the-bed compartments. Categorize your shoes by season or style, and label each compartment so you can find the right shoe at the right time.