Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

An Easter egg hunt is often the highlight of the season as little ones race through the yard searching for goodies. While it is natural to stick with the hide-and-seek method of hunting each year, there are several alternatives to add a creative touch to the holiday season. Mix it up this year with educational, innovative and fun-filled ideas to make your Easter egg hunt memorable.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Treasure Hunt

Although Easter egg hunts typically result in children finding those treasured eggs or treats inside plastic eggs, include a little mystery to the search with a treasure map. Provide each child with a map and clues that will lead them to the eggs after a bit of critical thinking and discovery. The hunt is perfect for all ages as you can customize the map with pictures of neighborhood landmarks or objects for younger children and clues for the older kids. Spruce up the festive activity with riddles, brain teasers and rhyming clues to keep the kids entertained and educated during the hunt.

Bunny Trail

See how well your children can follow directions with an interactive trail leading to the eggs this year. Cut out bunny footprints with arrows and directions to guide them throughout the yard. Decorate the footprints with talcum powder, glitter or handmade drawings to keep the youngsters entertained as they follow the path to the final destination.

Word Find Extravaganza

Just because the kids are out of school for the holiday doesn’t mean learning has to stop. Create an educational hunt with alphabet stickers placed on each egg. As the little ones find eggs, challenge them to create words or decipher a hidden phrase as a group once the hunt is over. Little ones can identify letters in alphabetical order and recite the Alphabet Song while older children can see how many different words they can compile once all of the eggs are found. Have prizes on hand for the most creative words or phrases.

Color-Coded Creativity

Instead of the mad dash to gather as many eggs as possible, designate eggs by color to keep the egg hunters on their toes. Color code all eggs and designate age groups based on colors to keep the big kids from trampling the little ones. For example, 2 and 3-year-olds can search for blue eggs while 4 and 5-year-olds can search for yellow eggs. Not only will the children have to hunt longer for the assigned color, it may also help younger children identify colors.

Piecing Together the Easter Puzzle

Encourage egg hunters to work together with a puzzle hunt. Hide puzzle pieces in each plastic egg and once all eggs are retrieved, ask the children to combine their pieces and work together to put together the puzzle. While one child may have the bunny’s ear and another may have the puzzle piece with the bunny’s foot, each child will learn to rely on others to complete the final project.