Popular Wedding Shower Ideas & Games

Popular Wedding Shower Ideas & Games

If you haven’t hosted a wedding shower before, it’s time to get your feet wet. Wedding showers range from simple to sensational and can be given just for the bride or for the couple together. Whether you choose to have the party indoors or outside, serve tea and treats or sangria and steak, you’re going to need activities to keep your guests entertained. Your goal is to choose a theme and play games that highlight the special occasion — and keep the bride in the limelight.

Popular Wedding Shower Ideas and Games
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Transform your dining room into a traditional teahouse with eclectic china, delicious tea sandwiches and several pots of tea. Add feminine decorations such as delicate pink and white flowers, beautiful bows and a lace tablecloth. Write guest names on tea bag tags and place them at each setting. If tea isn’t your thing, give a cooking-themed shower. Have each guest bring a kitchen gift that is associated with the time of day written on the invitation. Hire a chef to offer up cooking tips and lessons … and then feast on the food.


Garden Party - Wedding Shower
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Host a garden shower if the married-to-be couple has a backyard. Send out packets of seeds with the invitation attached and ask that people bring items that make a garden bloom or can be used to entertain outdoors. If you prefer, create a nighttime winter-wonderland theme right in the middle of summer. Use white tablecloths and chair covers, hang white lanterns with clear twinkle lights, and line the table with white sweet pea flowers. Introduce one or two pastel accents into the mix for interest, but keep to the wedding-white theme.


Wedding Shower Games
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Get in some games. Create a couple’s quiz for guests to take and discover who knows the couple best. Ask questions such as where the couple went on their first date, what the couple’s favorite foods include and how they’re getting from the ceremony spot to the reception. Display about 15 photos of the bride at different stages in her life and write her age on the back of each picture. Ask guests to guess how old she was in each photo. Pop some fun into the party with a purse raid. The bride calls out popular — and obscure — purse items and, when a guest produces one, she is awarded a point.
Wedding Shower Activities

Create some activities. Ask guests to jot down a heartfelt note to the bride-to-be and drop it in a wedding-themed decorated jar for her to take home. It’s best to do this as soon as guests arrive, so everyone is sure to contribute. You can also get your guests’ creative juices flowing with a little jewelry-making session. Set out some jewelry-making supplies and a variety of differently textured and colored beads. Have everyone make a bracelet to wear on the wedding day.