How To Capture Stunning Fall Family Photos

How To Capture Stunning Fall Family Photos

Whether you plan to hire a professional or take the do-it-yourself route, fall is the perfect season to capture family photos you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Here are some helpful tips to consider when you’re planning your fall family photos.

Fall Family Photos


Gather the Right Equipment: This may mean picking up the phone and calling a professional if it’s in your budget. If you’re snapping your own pics, a tri-pod is a wonderful tool to use, providing stability and flexibility no matter what your location is. Also make sure that your camera has a self-timer or remote so that you can get the whole family in your shot. Confirm that you have enough storage space and battery life on your camera as well. You wouldn’t want to run out of it mid-shoot!

Choose Your Location(s): Of course, since this is a fall family photo, a beautiful outdoor setting dotted with changing leaves is ideal. But also think about a pumpkin patch, farm, wheat field, or even your own backyard! Also consider whether you will take all you pictures in one place or if you’ll be traveling to a couple of locations. If you’ll be moving around a lot, have directions handy and create a schedule for when you’ll arrive at each spot.

Check the Weather: Even the best weatherman gets it wrong sometimes, but taking the time to check the predicted weather for your photo day will increase your odds of hitting the weather jackpot. Keep in mind that overcast days can be great for picture-taking.

Shoot at Dawn or Dusk: When you’re shooting on a sunny day, dusk and dawn will create a softer, warmer light that can be the most flattering – the less shadows the better! You can also take pictures in the shade if it’s sunny out and your schedule doesn’t allow you to shoot in early morning or late afternoon. Keep in mind that this dusk/dawn rule doesn’t apply if you have a cloudy day on your hands.

Plan Your Wardrobe: If you’re a fashionista, this is probably going to be your favorite part of the process!  But there are so many things to think about… “Do we want to wear matching or coordinating outfits? Should we dress formally or casually?” Don’t worry though, you’ll figure out what’s best for your family. In case you’re looking for some shoe recommendations, here are our picks for each member of the family: Women’s  Madden Girl “Eaglee” riding boots in cognac, Men’s Perry Ellis “Craig” chukka boots in grey, Boys’ Sperry Top-Sider “Caspian” oxfords in tan, Girls’ Zodiac “Riley” brown boots.

Make a Shot List: Do you want a father-daughter shot? How about some photos of just the kids? Maybe you want some simple pictures of mom and dad holding hands. Or even action shots, throwing leaves up in the air. These are all things to think about before your family photoshoot. When you’re writing your list, also consider whether you’ll want to use unique angles and props to add a little more visual interest to your photos.

Pack Some Munchies: To keep everyone’s spirits high and stomachs happy, pack a few snacks and have plenty of water handy. Capturing that perfect photo can take some time, and you don’t want to rush the creative process because someone is hungry or thirsty.

Most of all, have fun. Your pictures will turn out wonderfully if you actually look like you’re enjoying yourselves!