How To Make Your Leather Boots Last

Leather Boots

While the cooler weather ushers in a fitting time to break out the fall fashions, it also brings an entire assortment of unsavory environments that can give your leather boots a beating.

How To Make Your Leather Boots Last


Rain, mud, snow and salt are just a few of the conditions you may find yourself ankle-deep in, so it’s best to care for your boots on a regular basis. Depending on the material, consider waterproofing before wearing them regularly – consult with an associate or the manufacturer if you’re unsure about application. Also, brush them off, wiping away the dirt, salt, or any other debris after each wear.

To keep your boots looking good as new, treat them with a leather oil or cream to provide moisture (this can be messy, so consider applying in a well-ventilated area over old newspapers.)

If the weather in your area is particularly inclement, consider adding a traction sole to keep your footing solid. And when your boots do begin to show signs of wear, don’t fret – check with your local shoe repair person and look into a re-sole. Love your boots and your boots will love you!

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