6 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Fall

6 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Fall

With the summer sun setting for another year, fall brings more than a change of season or brisk chill in the air. In fact, fall is the perfect time to get out and see Mother Nature at her flashiest. And on September 22nd the first day of fall is here. So read on, and find just a few ways you and the family can fall for fall!

1. Take A Hike – A nature walk in fall is like an organic, amber-hued fireworks display that explodes all around you. Whether you like to stick to the urban terrain or feel like a little off-roading, let yourself get up close and personal with nature.

Fall Activities


2. Indulge Your Rakish Side – Like it or not, the leaves are on a one-way trip straight down, and probably into your yard. Why dread the inevitable? Make a game out of it by having races for number of piles, biggest pile, first half/third/quarter finished, etc. And then, when it’s all said and done, cap it all off with one big, fat, ceremonial plunge.

Enjoy Fall Leaves


3. Get Crafty – You know those leaves you just jumped in? Get a closer look and pick out the really nice ones. There are lots of fun DIY fall projects, like making imprints in clay, creating an autumnal garland, or wrapping a seasonal-scented candle in leaves.

4. Create Your Own Cornucopia – Fall is a mighty fine time for picking up farm fresh, locally sourced produce. Apples, pears, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, even that pumpkin you’re eyeballing as a means of giving the kids a case of the heebie-jeebies – all delicious, and all ripe & ready for you.

5. Say Cheese – Looking to get one decent family picture this year? Nature provides the perfect backdrop. You provide the smiles; the fall foliage does the rest. Read more about how to take the perfect fall family photo.

Celebrate the First Day of Fall


6. Boot Up The Family – From fashionably fab short, lace-up or riding boots, to seasonal essentials like hiking boots, cozy boots, rain boots, snow boots, fall is the perfect time to get you and your family booted up.