Find the Right Athletic Shoes For Your Lifestyle

Find the Right Athletic Shoes For Your Lifestyle

We’ve all been there. You’re shopping for athletic shoes and the first thing that grabs your attention is COLOR! Although color can and should be a key consideration when shoe shopping (we all want to look good), there’s much more to finding the perfect athletic shoes for you and we’re here to help!

One of the first places to start is to find the right type of shoe for your daily lifestyle. That’s right, there is a shoe that works best for just about every  physical activity you can imagine! Check out the different types of athletic shoes below to determine the best one for YOU.

Athletic Shoes Image: Run, Walk and Cross-Train


Running Shoes

Running shoes are built specifically for running and that’s just about all you should wear them for to prevent injury. They have built-up padding in the heel to support your foot during the high impact activity of running. If you like the extra padding of a running shoe, you can also wear it for walking.

Best For: Trail runners, road runners

Cross Training Shoes

Cross Training Shoes are constructed with more ankle support than running or walking shoes. They can easily transition between forward, backward and lateral movement making them an ideal choice for more fluid workouts or sports.

Best For: Gym goers, aerobics, Zumba, P90X, lateral motion activities like basketball, tennis or soccer

Walking Shoes

Walking shoes offer less cushioning in the heel compared to running shoes. There is a natural heel-to-toe motion during the walking stride; therefore walking shoes have a more central roll. Due to the construction of this type of shoe, we do not recommend wearing them for running.

Best For: People who are on their feet all day, power walkers, trail walkers, travelers, power shoppers (it is a sport right?!)

In Find Your Perfect Running Shoes, we discuss the different types of running shoes – lightweight, stability and neutral, so also be sure to check that post out if you find that you’re in need of a running shoe.

So there you have it! Was this article helpful to you? What type of athletic shoes fit your lifestyle?