Transition Your Wardrobe Into Spring for About $100

Transition Your Wardrobe Into Spring for About $100

Woman looking in closet

Spring is upon us, and that means it’s time for the annual cleaning of the closet. My ritual is fairly straightforward: I put my winter boots in shoeboxes and move them to the top of my closet. The heavy sweaters go on the top shelf, and the coats go to the dry cleaners.

Once my winter things are out of the way, I give myself a $100 allowance to buy some accessories to spruce up my wardrobe for spring. While this may seem like a challenge for most, I see it as my mission. It can be for you, too!

Go Back to Basics

Most days I work from home unless I have a meeting that requires me to look like I haven’t just made peanut butter sandwiches, grocery shopped and put in the first load of laundry before 8 a.m.

So, my wardrobe is made up of basics like white T-shirts, tanks, cardigans, jeans, a few work dresses, pencil skirts, white blouses and lots of costume jewelry. But I like to infuse new trends into my looks by buying some great accessories each season. Here are a few ideas that may inspire you to do the same.

Transition With Versatile Sandals

This spring, I really need a new pair of fabulous sandals. They have to be versatile enough to go with all my brightly-Strappy sandalscolored cropped jeans, a black pencil skirt for work and a dress if I go out to dinner. This means the sandal needs to be a neutral color, but also fun and trendy. On my quest for the perfect shoe, I found this adorable strappy sandal. These sandals dress up a pair of jeans and work perfectly with a more elegant look. The best part is that they’re just $34.99, so I still have $65.00 to keep shopping.

Flip-flopsFind Some Great Flip-Flops

I also walk a lot with my kids, and I need a really comfortable walking shoe that I can basically live in. I also don’t want to worry about matching them with what I am wearing. A great neutral flip-flop will transition me from spring to summer. The flip-flops on the right have comfortable soles with traction, and I love the metallic color, which is so in this season. These shoes are a must-have at just $29.99, so I still have about $35 to keep shopping.

Incorporate Green

Emerald green is the Pantone color of the year, and I already have an emerald blouse that I can transition from winter to Totespring simply by pairing it with white jeans instead of blue. Now, I want a bag that will work with the green and look great with all the colors I have in my closet. Feast your eyes on this fabulous tote in a classic cream color with accents of green, pink and yellow. It’s a great daytime bag, but I can also pair it with a bright maxi dress, big jewel-tone earrings and bangles, and I am ready to have a casual dinner with friends. This bag is just $35.99, which means I’m $0.97 over budget, plus sales tax of course. I can live with that.

Bring on the Accessories

I recommend going through your closet to see what you need before shopping for more. If you already have bags and shoes that will work, incorporate 2013 spring trends with jewelry, lightweight scarves and other accessories. Think bright colors (especially green), metallics, and fresh whites and creams. You can’t go wrong!

For just over $100, I found two pairs of shoes I will live in and a handbag I will probably never leave home without. My mission is complete, and I am ready for spring!