Rock Your School 2012: We Have a Winner!

Rock Your School 2012: We Have a Winner!

The Rock Your School 2012 contest is over and a winning submission has been picked – big congratulations to Notre Dame Academy in Toledo! And congrats to Carey Anne Dodd, the winning student whose entry was selected among the countless submitted!

Thanks to Carey’s heartfelt submission speaking to the lack of air conditioning in parts of the school – along with a comical pic of staff and students highlighting the less-than-ideal temps – Notre Dame won the official prize pot or $48,337! But wait, there’s more – so taken with the Rock Your School spirit and attitude of the winning submission, Converse and Famous Footwear matched the prize, for a total of $96,674!

Now, Notre Dame Academy and Carey Anne can keep cool, rock their school and do it in style, thanks to Converse and Famous Footwear!

Way to Rock!

Rock Your School Winner

The winning Rock Your School 2012 entry:

Notre Dame Academy is Famous Footwear & Converse’s Number One “Fan”

By: Carey Anne D. 09/09/2012

When you enter Notre Dame Academy, you immediately feel welcomed. A teacher stands by the door and greets you, and even though it is 8:00 am, friends smile big. Even though few students at the all-girls, Catholic, private high school are wearing makeup or have their hair perfectly straightened (No boys to worry about!), the inspirational signs throughout the building remind everyone that they are beautiful inside and out. Girls who attend NDA love NDA! It is not just our school, it is our second home. Faculty/staff assist us in becoming the best Women of Vision we can be. Whether it is volunteering over 11,000 service hours in the community, Appalachia, or beyond, each class enjoys giving back. Other than feeling a rush of school spirit when you step foot in Notre Dame, you will also feel extremely hot. Literally. With air conditioning in only a few areas of the school, desks are left covered in sweat. Although teens here are self-driven and motivated, high temperatures make it difficult to focus. Winning up to $75,000 for airconditioning from your contest would be incredible. NDA is Famous Footwear and Converse’s number one “fan”!