Buyer's Victory: Men's Nike Flex Run

Buyer's Victory: Men's Nike Flex Run

Here are 3 reasons why the Nike Flex Run is THE SHOE for back to school. 1.) It’s super flexible, lightweight and comfortable. 2.) It’s available in several colors including Black, Grey, Blue and my personal favorite Red, so that you can hook it up with your favorite T-shirt or hoodie. 3.) It’s just cool! – Matt

Plus, check it out in our national TV commercial!


Matt Buyer's Victory

Name: Matt

Buyer: Men’s Athletics: Running, Trail, Cross Training

Shoe Size: 8 1/2

Style Mantra: Wear what feels right to you. If you look good and feel good, it shows.

Favorite Hobby: Teaching my boys new things; today it’s swimming.

Personal Style: Classic contemporary lines.

What Inspires Me:  The Olympics. The dedication and drive of the athletes is really amazing.

Most Memorable Shoe Victory: I was recently in a Famous Footwear watching a boy and his mother walk through the store. The boy was clearly not excited to be shoe shopping…until he walked past the section of brightly colored Nike running shoes.  Then he got an excited look on his face. He picked up a shoe and waved to his mom. He asked his mom “can I get these” as if he completely expected her to say no. She looked at the shoe, then at the price, then at her son’s face. She smiled and said, “do you like those” because she clearly thought they were bright.  His response…“yeah, these are cool!”  The boy that was dreading shopping with his mom just had a little victory and so did his mom.